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    This is by far our most popular product! This is a small square approximately 4" long and 3" wide packed tight with the best smelling catnip you can find. We have a varitey of patterns so if you are looking for a certain color just include that in the comments section of your order and we will do our best to meet your needs. Also available in holiday themes.

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      Was not sure the cats would like a square bag since it would be hard to get in their mouths but they LOVE it! They spend a lot of time rolling and laying on it. on 9th Aug 2015

    2. Kitty Heaven Pillowettes

      These are the only cat nip toys my 3 cats have. They last forever, always have a calming effect (The 3 like to hold them in between their paws and like them.) and are well made.
      I give them as presents and they are always appreciated. I
      on 28th Jun 2015

    3. These are the best!

      My cats love them! I order multiple because they are in constant use being carried around or cuddled with. The catnip is so potent. on 17th Jun 2015

    4. The cats love it!

      This is very popular at my house and very long lasting. The fabric holds up well to play and the catnip must smell better than most catnip, because the cats seek it out over other catnip toys! on 27th Jan 2015

    5. The Cats' Favorite

      I buy fresh catnip bags for all the family and friends' cats for Christmas each year. They all know they have a catnip bag and immediately open their own gifts. A very big hit with all. on 16th Dec 2014

    6. Catnip Bags

      Best catnip ever. Cats love these bags. on 21st Apr 2014

    7. 5 Stars For Mouse Factory

      Any products produced by The Mouse Factory are fabulous! My cat breeder had introduced me to these products when I first brought home my 2 kittens and they have both been raised on these products ever since. We have tried every catnip toy made by The Mouse Factory, including the catnip mats and the feather toys as well. The catnip bags and the kickers are immensely popular and so is the catnip mat! They also enjoy the catnip banana. All toys have been a huge hit! The Mouse Factory is fantastic! on 20th Jan 2014

    8. Cats choose bags

      My cats love all of the toys you make - they won't play with any others. But - they simply adore the bags and spend hours chasing and batting them all over. Whenever I get an order from you, I have to hide it until I'm ready to give my cats their toys. on 20th Dec 2013

    9. classic favorite

      I've bought these in the past. Cats love these for a long time. A few squeezes of the bag renews the smell. on 16th Jan 2013

    10. Paws-down favorite

      Mouse Factory makes many cuter toys with more colorful, fun fabrics, but these little bags are my cat's favorite every time. The thinner fabric seems to let them appreciate the catnip scent more, and the bags are just the right size and weight to toss around and chase. The value is excellent, and my cats just wish I would order more, and more often. on 16th Jan 2013

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